Client Feature: Edwards. How to connect with potential clients on a human level

How to win clients or customers in a busy marketplace… a common issue for many businesses.

Edwards are an independent Bristol-based estate agent, who I have worked with over the last couple of years. The problem they face is competing against larger and more established agents to get a foot in the door (quite literally) with their potential clients. The plus point is that Matt Edwards, Managing Director, is keen to do things a bit differently…

‘One thing I love about Bristol…’ came about through consultation with Matt, and is now being used across all their marketing materials.

Each of the team members were asked to list their favourite things about Bristol and why it’s such a great place to live. A selection of their personal responses will be illustrated and released over time. The idea being to help potential clients see Edwards as approachable and more ‘human’, rather than the usual perception of estate agents!

Pictured above is an A6 postcard illustrating Southville sales team member Helen’s story “…Seeing the SS Great Britain reminds me of my childhood. 35 years ago when she was first brought into dry dock, I donated my 50 pence pocket money to help with the restoration!”

We hope that someone getting one of these cards through their door may like the image enough to keep it around, or stick it on a pinboard, rather than instantly putting it in the recycling…which I know is what generally happens in our house!

The point is, that perhaps a good way to connect with new clients is just try and meet them on a human level. It may be a slow-burn approach, and a ‘quietly try and be noticed’ but hopefully respect will be earned and they will be noticed for taking a slightly different approach.

Edwards’ commitment to using illustration within their brand stems from the concept for their sale boards, which we first did in 2012, using artwork from local artists - see image below

Featured illustrations by (clockwise from top left): Carys-ink, Holly Maguire, Slumber and Michelle Barker.