Need a new website? 15 questions to help define your requirements

To coincide with the launch of my own new website, I thought I'd share a list of questions I ask clients who approach me to design a website for them. (And yes I did try to answer the questions myself before embarking on my own re-design!)

Now these questions are essentially to gain an overview of your business and what you need a website to do for you, as well as who it should speak to. At this point, we are not concerned with technical issues and available platforms, which will come later.

15 questions? If that seems a lot, well yes it is, but the more answers you are able to give the clearer idea your chosen website designer will have of your particular requirements - this will go a long way in the design of a bespoke website, that works specifically for you. 

As well as being listed below, to make it easier the questions are also available as a Word document which can be downloaded from here


New Website - Client Questions

1. What is your business? What kind of products or services do you offer?

2. How is your company different to your competitors? What are your main selling points?

3. Do you have an existing logo, branding or style guide?

4. Do you currently have a website? If so, what do you like/dislike about it?

5. Which other websites do you like and why?

6. Who is your website aimed at? Your existing clients and those you are hoping to attract?

7. What do you want your new website to accomplish? This could be two-fold…for example, your primary goal might be for visitors to buy your product, but a secondary goal could be to sign up to your newsletter or follow you on social media networks?

8. What do your customers/clients want to get from your website? Bear in mind that this may well be different to your own objectives.

9. Are there any specific features you would like your new site to have? Responsive design (so your website works well on tablets/mobiles) should be a must these days, but is anything else important for you, for example… do you have a blog? Should there be a quick contact form/quote request or booking form…?

10. How many pages should there be? Please list the different sections you would like on your website, roughly what kind of content (and how much) would be included in each.

11. Calls to action and connecting with Social Media. Social Media integration/feeds –which ones are important for you? Also should there be a Newsletter sign-up?

12. Is there anything you definitely don’t want to include on your website?

13. Do you have any longer term plans regarding your website? For example, to include a new eCommerce section, or to expand for new product ranges.

14. Do you have a budget in mind?

15. And finally, when would you like the site to launch… do you have a specific deadline?


That's it!

Take your time in considering your answers, as they can essentially form the basis of a design brief. Although probably daunting at first, I hope you find the process of working out your answers useful. I know from a designer's point of view the answers I have had back from clients have been invaluable in producing bespoke designs, tailored specifically to their needs.

Please do feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your web projects, but of course, this post is there for your use regardless of whether you would like to work with me... I hope you find it helpful!

If you found this post interesting, but are only just thinking about starting your business (or any other kind of venture) I also have a similar 'questions based' post, related to having a logo designed, which can be read here >  10 Questions to answer before briefing a logo design


Good Luck!