Happy Christmas One & All!

Reindeer Race Team

I'd like to wish all friends, clients and collaborators a very Happy Christmas and my very best wishes for an awesome 2018.

A big thanks goes out to everyone I've worked with or been in touch with this year, whether that was in person or through  twitter & instagram (Thanks also for all your likes and follows!) 2017 has been a pretty fun year, with some lovely projects and nice clients to work with, I'm looking forward to finding out what next year will bring.

Having looked back at last year's resolution to do more blog posts, I realise I have completely failed at that. However, the few I did were pretty well received... so we could agree quality is better than quantity, right? I will try harder next year!

Hope you all manage to take a nice chunk of time off, and get to spend some quality time with family & loved ones. See you next year!

Carys x