Bristol Charity Pro Bono Work for 2018


Christmas is a time for giving right?

In 2018, I’m offering some pro bono design work to help a Bristol based, charitable organisation get their visual identity in order.

A strong identity can really help give credibility and presence to a charity, helping them gain cut through and therefore enabling them to do more of what they do best.


Can you help me?

I’m keen to find an organisation for whom I would be a good fit, so that my design work would really make a difference… I am particularly interested to hear from/about any small or start-up* Bristol based charities who do something related to one of the following:

  • Helping the lives of underprivileged/disadvantaged humans be a little bit better
  • The environment and working towards a better/healthier life for us all in the future
  • Working with children and/or learning


What I will offer?

In terms of what I will actually do, that will very much depend on the charity, and what would most benefit them. Once I’ve chosen an organisation to work with, we would meet and discuss how I could help, but essentially I’m thinking along these lines...

  • A new visual identity / logo
  • Guidance on how the new identity would work for future materials etc, including some templates to get things started
  • A suitable kit of parts - elements and artwork for future use by the charity

I’d love to hear from you if your charity (or an organisation you know) could benefit from some creative help from a highly experienced designer. 

Please email me by Friday 22nd December at with an overview of the charity & how you think I could help.

I will then take a little time to review the interested & nominated organisations, before making a decision on who I think would most benefit from my work (& who I would likely be the best fit for) early in the New Year.


•  Why small or start-up charity? To clarify this, in order to make the most difference I'm really looking to help an organisation who currently doesn't have the financial capacity and resources to pay for such work.


Thank you!