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To design an art piece for a wall in G&V's studio, incorporating illustrated type of a Rudyard Kipling quote from The Jungle Book “For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” The finished piece was to be printed up as digital wallpaper.

The finished piece, on the studio wall at Goram & Vincent

The finished piece, on the studio wall at Goram & Vincent


First up was a pencil sketch. My idea was that the piece would be primarily based around hand drawn lettering, but also include stylised/graphic wolf-like shapes. I also had in mind that the 2 halves of the quote were essentially opposites, potentially to be signified by colour - dark on light, and light out of dark.

Initial pencil sketch

The lower section of the design would be obscured from view by desks & computer workspace, for this reason all the typography was kept to the upper section of the image.

Mock-up of the sketch on studio wall

Mock-up of the sketch on studio wall

I wanted the piece to have a hand crafted feel, but to be able to piece it together digitally on my computer. I began by drawing out on paper the various words of the quote and the wolf elements, these were made as solid shapes rather than lines. Where the words had a depth or drop shadow, I drew these as separate layers to allow me more flexibility later.

Hand drawn elements for the final piece

Hand drawn elements for the final piece

These elements were then scanned in and made into vectors. I then worked the image up using Adobe Illustrator to finalise the layout and apply colour, making just a few tweaks here and there from my original sketch. As a final stage, texture was added in Photoshop.

The colours used were derived from a set of brand colours supplied by Goram & Vincent.

The final piece, in situ




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