Healthy People Nutrition is a start-up business based on the Isles of Scilly. Run by Claudia Smith, it is a private nutritional therapy clinic offering one to one consultations with people looking to use dietary and lifestyle changes to tackle chronic health problems.



Claudia approached me to develop a visual identity for her new business, and once the identity was in place to also create a small set of illustrations, primarily for use on the business's website.


At the initial design stage for the identity I presented two design routes. The client selected a preferred option, which I then further progressed to create the final designs.

My concept for the identity was based around the idea of balance. I wanted to create something quite simple, with the use of abstract shapes and natural, yet vibrant colours.

The complete identity supplied to the client, included the main brand mark as full colour and 1 colour versions, different versions of the logotype for specific applications, colour palette and typestyle. The colour palette included the main brand colours and also a secondary palette which I would use later, when creating the illustrations. 

Below are pages from the Brand Delivery Guide - a simple guide for the client, to explain the final artwork I have supplied, reference points and how/where the various versions should be used.
(Click on the first image to enlarge and step through the pages...)

As part of the design deliverables, I also designed a letterhead and business card. The business was being started up with help from the European Regional Development Fund, and as such their logo needed to be included on print materials.

Designs for Letterhead & Business Card (front & back)

Once the identity was signed off, Claudia briefed me on the illustrations she wanted to include on the website. For the home page, this was to capture the essence of what health nutrition is about - looking at all aspects of an individual's diet and lifestyle to help identify what may be the route of specific health issues.


Additional to the home page illustration were smaller elements for the other pages.
Clockwise from top left: About, Contact, Health Nutrition, Blog



At the end of the project, Claudia kindly provided me with some feedback... Read on to hear what she had to say about the process of working with me...


What was your reason for approaching Carys… was there a specific challenge that you needed help with?
I was setting up my business and needed somebody to design the branding for my business as well as create illustrations for my website and flyer.

I believe you had been in touch with other creatives and/or agencies who could also have done this work, what was it that led to you deciding to work with Carys?
I very much liked that Carys would only work with businesses she ethically agrees with. I felt that I would get good value for my money which indeed proved to be the case. She was very approachable and her communication was excellent!

How did you find the process from the initial briefing through to the completion of your project, and were there any areas that didn’t meet with your expectations?
Throughout my time working with Carys I always got very quick replies to my emails and she was also always happy to chat on the phone. She made sure to design according to my preferences and outlines but also offered her own thoughts on every step of the process. She worked according to the time schedule we had worked out together, and was kind enough to resend files after the project had officially finished. Her work very much exceeded my expectations!

Are you happy with the work that was delivered?

And finally, if you had to describe Carys to another new business owner looking for some creative input (whether for brand identity or illustration work) what would you say?
I can highly recommend Carys. She is very professional and talented, but also easy to communicate with and works on time. She makes sure that you are happy with the end result, and sometimes I felt that she was reading my mind - I often found it difficult to express the ideas for my illustrations but she got it exactly.




Brand Identity for Remarkable Lives - Another identity I have created with a similarly graphic style

Mental Health Cover Illustration for Today's Pharmacist - A focus on mental health, rather than physical health



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