Monkey Puzzle are a leadership development and NLP training company running in house senior team development programmes, leadership coaching and open international NLP accredited courses.

To help explain this slightly, NLP  stands for Neuro Linguistics Programming - an applied psychology which enables the understanding of how our minds work. Simple NLP techniques can be used by anyone, in everyday life or work, to help you become happier, more successful and to resolve problems quickly and easily.



John McLachlan, the MD of Monkey Puzzle approached me initially to produce a set of illustrations for a new book they were writing about Time Mastery. Following on from this, I have created some more illustrations for an NLP course guide, of which there are more to follow...


Pictured below: A selection of one colour illustrations created for the book, around time related themes. (click on an image to enlarge ...)


Once the book illustrations were complete, John and his business partner Karen Meager kindly answered a few questions for me. I always find feedback very useful, and I think their answers are particularly valuable in providing a context for the project as well as an insight into the process (and what it's like working with me!)

What was your reason for approaching Carys… did you have a specific challenge that you needed help with?

We had written a book and were looking for illustrations to support and bring the book to life.


I don’t think you had worked with an illustrator before, so how did you find the process of working with Carys… from the initial briefing through to the completion of your project?

No, we hadn’t worked with an illustrator before so were really unsure what the process was.  Carys helped us understand the steps, what to expect from her and throughout the process answered all our, many, questions clearly which helped us to feel comfortable and confident with what was happening.  We got illustrations that worked really well with the book which showed us that Carys understood what we needed and had taken time to review the book and appreciate the context that the illustrations were part of.  We loved the illustrations as they were first presented and enjoyed the process of refining and tweaking them with Carys to get exactly what we needed.


If you had to describe Carys to another business owner thinking about using an illustrator for the first time, what would you say?

I’d say Carys was easy to work with and the right balance of  friendly and professional that meant we felt comfortable that we could ask questions and comment on the illustrations and that our input would be appreciated.  The process was professional and clear and the timescale fitted well to what we required.  Overall we felt throughout that we were dealing with a professional illustrator and the quality of the output proved that.


Some later illustrations for an NLP training guide...

NLP - The Communication Model
NLP - 5 Principles
NLP - Cause & Effect



Brain training for a much younger audience... A set of poster artworks based on Growth Mindsets

And more book illustrations for Zeke Creative



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