The 'Stroll: Discovery Trails' took place in London during the summer of 2012, to coincide with the Olympic & Paralympic games celebrations. Presented by Greater London Authority (GLA), the trails featured around 80 life-size Wenlock and Mandeville sculptures (the mascots of the Olympics and Paralympics respectively), all painted with different themes/styles to reflect a journey of discovery through the capital city.

OBJECTIVE: I was commissioned by Wild in Art, who produced the sculptures, to create a design for one of each of the mascots. I was supplied with a set theme for my designs but given free reign in terms of look and feel.

'Victorian Square' was the allocated theme for my Mandeville design. I chose to depict images of the kinds of people and activities you would expect to see in a Victorian square and also included a number of Victorian flying machines around his head, as well as  the obligatory moustache! 

The sculpture was painted in a small corner of my home, here is a time-lapse movie to show the whole painting process from start to finish...

Detail shots of the finished sculpture, before going out on location

Detail shots of the finished sculpture, before going out on location

For the duration of the trail, which ran from 27 July - 9 September 2012, this mascot was located in Regents Park. Following the trail, all the mascots were auctioned with proceeds going toe Lord Mayor's charities.

The Olympic mascot sculpture I painted for the same project had a 'Park Cycling' theme - see it here


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