Ravenspoint Marketing is a new consultancy, specialising in marketing and support for small businesses.



To develop a new brand for the business - a logo which incorporated the strapline and some brand elements for use on the website and promotional materials.

As part of my brief, Lucy Newall (the founder of Ravenspoint) had specified that she liked colour and would like a raven to be featured, but that it shouldn't be too dark or ominous. Also key was the idea that marketing could be seen as a journey, with Ravenspoint helping to map out a path...


Pictured below are some of the Ravenspoint brand elements, specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Essentially a kit of parts for the client to use as required.


Keen to find out what effect my designs have on a new business, I asked Lucy to answer some questions about her new brand, and the process of working with me...

Please could you introduce yourself and tell us about your business?

Hello, my name is Lucy and I am the founder of Ravenspoint Marketing. I am an early-bird who enjoys an active lifestyle, healthy living and spending time with creative and fun people, and my dog Polly!

I work with businesses and individuals to help them understand their customers, business goals and build comprehensive marketing strategies that are easy to follow without needing a marketing dictionary! I love to support clients that are fun, creative and passionate about their product and put these values at the heart of what they do.


Why did you decide to work with Carys... What expertise did you hope she would bring?

I had looked at a few other designers, but none had the same creative flare as Carys. I was looking for something a bit more unusual that the run-of-the-mill Marketing Consultancy brands that I had seen.

I decided to work with Carys as I really liked her work. I thought she had the creativity and experience to understand my vision and to create a strong identity for my business.

I felt that she would help inject some of my personality into the brand, and she was also very easy to get along with.


What solutions has Carys delivered and are you happy with the results?

Carys has provided me with a fantastic logo and a strong brand identity for my business which has enabled me to build my website and other assets to get me up and running!


Overall, how have you found working with Carys, did she do a good job?

Great - she was very professional and provided a good sound-board for ideas, which made it feel like a collaborative project. This was important for me as a new business as I was still finding my feet. She would push back and challenge if I had an idea that she thought was off-brand and always suggest a good alternative.

I have worked with many creatives on branding and marketing projects in the past, and Carys shines out as providing an excellent and personalised service.


And finally, would you recommend Carys, and for what types of project?

Yes - I would definitely recommend Carys to my own clients and anyone else who is looking for some fantastic creative artwork and creative direction to compliment any project.


Wow...Thanks very much for your kind comments and feedback Lucy! It's really great to hear my work is so well received.



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