Carys-ink is the name of my business, my real name is Carys Tait.

I am an experienced illustrator & designer based in Bristol, UK.

I specialise in digital illustration and the design of brand identities, for positive and socially-minded organisations, often working in areas relating to the environment, creativity, health and/or learning.



To help purposeful individuals, businesses and organisations build a strong identity and convey their message better, in an engaging, visual way that will appeal to their audience.

Wholesome Creative



It’s important to find out about you, and what I can do to help your business or organisation grow. In working together, I would take into account your specific needs at this time, and use this to inform and develop a creative approach that will be nutritious for your organisation.


  1. You are a socially-minded individual, business or non-profit organisation, doing something you really believe in

  2. You need some creative input and are looking to work collaboratively with someone on your wavelength

  3. You want to relate to your clients, customers or audience in an interesting, fun and visually appealing way


I try to work with people whose beliefs and passions I share - I care about my work, and being completely honest, I prefer to work on projects that are positive and interesting to me (makes sense, right?). For instance...

  • Your work relates in some way to the environment

  • You promote positive, healthy living for individuals and our planet

  • You educate and let people know about issues that matter, could be for children or adults

  • You have a creative product or service


I work directly with clients like you, or in collaboration with design agencies & marketers, to deliver what I term as ‘wholesome creative’. By this I mean, taking a considered approach to develop good, honest, creative solutions which are nourishing for your organisation and speak directly to your audience.

The well-being of your product or message is always key.


 Brand mark for Remarkable Lives, a start-up on a mission to celebrate & share the life stories and achievements of older people

Brand mark for Remarkable Lives, a start-up on a mission to celebrate & share the life stories and achievements of older people


Here are some examples of what I can help you with:

  • Create illustrations which add character and vibrancy to your brand and communications

  • Design a brand identity, or simply a logo which resonates with your audience/customer base

  • Make your whole offering, marketing output and/or resources more visually appealing

  • Convey your message or explain information in a more fun and friendly way


Would you like to find out more about the way I work?

I’ve written a blog post which shows clearly the various stages I follow with my clients, for every creative project. It’s based around the idea of a tandem ride and includes a downloadable ‘Project Journey Route Map’ - Read more here

  Project Journey Route Map:   The process I follow with my clients on every creative project

Project Journey Route Map: The process I follow with my clients on every creative project




A few kind comments from previous clients. For more insights from people I’ve worked with please visit my TESTIMONIALS PAGE

"It's been a real pleasure working with you Carys, thank you for making the process so painless and giving us a product that we love and feel excited about!"
Abby Cremin  |  Project Director  |  The Orchard Project


"Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience on this project. I am utterly thrilled with the results and can't wait to get started with the new name and identity."
Rachel Savage  |  Founder  | Brand New Story  

“You’re in a very safe pair of hands, and not in a boring predictable way...Despite being control freaks, we are also highly collaborative and really appreciated that in Carys as well. How would we describe Carys?... Professional. Efficient. Friendly. Highly skilled. Communicative. A complete package.”
Owen McNeir  |  Founder & CEO  |  Remarkable Lives  



USEFUL FOR CLIENTS ( & potential clients)

This is basically a blog, where I am a building up a resource of hopefully useful articles relating to illustration and design and working with creatives. You may find something interesting that relates to your project here

Campaign Illustration for Westonbirt Arboretum


Since graduating in 1996 with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design, I worked doing design for television before starting up independently as Carys-ink. My background in design has had an important influence on the way I work, particularly in applying concept based thinking to every project.

I am a member of the Association of Illustrators, the trade association for illustration and also Bristol Media.

I live in Bristol, with my husband Christian (also a designer) and our two growing boys. I enjoy family time and try to maintain an active lifestyle with cycling, tennis and going to the gym. I care about the world we live in and like fresh air, particularly the crisp, sunny kind.


  Two of a series of 'Growth Mindset' artworks created for a school

Two of a series of 'Growth Mindset' artworks created for a school

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Maybe you have something specific in mind, or you'd just like some friendly advice on a possible project - please do get in touch: email me here or fill out the contact form below.

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And if you still want to find out more?! A little bit about some of my other projects...

Aside from the computer/desk orientated work which is central to the main output of my business, I do also very much enjoy the occasional, more 'hands-on' art based projects. I see these as just another vehicle for my work and ideas, with the results essentially being my response to a given (& often highly fun) brief, the difference being that the finished piece is created with a paintbrush! These projects are a great way to do something different when the opportunity presents itself - who wouldn't be up for that? For ideas ranging from a Mexican wrestler inspired tiger-Gromit to a Summer-y ice cream themed sheep... check them out here