Planning Ventures_Bristol Buildings Christmas Illustration


Planning Ventures are a Bristol based planning consultancy, led by Julie Laming and Lyn Jones.



The Planning Ventures team have a very strong interest in architecture and commissioned me to create a christmas card design/illustration which would incorporate some of their favourite Bristol buildings and landmarks, ranging from the well-known to the more obscure. The colours used were to be based on the existing brand palette.


Living in Bristol I'm used to seeing illustrated Bristol imagery,  with this project it was nice to be able to move away from some of the more obvious Bristol landmarks and have fun with how they worked together as a composition. That said, I particularly like the cranes... as well as being quite challenging to make them work as solid shapes rather than lines, they remind me of 'Pringle' style socks, which seems quite appropriate for a christmas image!


... And for anyone interested, these are the buildings/landmarks referenced in the illustration:

Purdown BT Tower • The Floodlights at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club • Bristol & Exeter House • Pero's Bridge • Bristol Jamia Mosque • The WCA Co-Operative Warehouse • The Planetarium • The Generator Building • Electricity House • Colston Hall • Knowle Water Tower • Banana Bridge • Lakeshore • The Carriage Works • The Harbourside Cranes • The steps up to St George's

Planning Ventures have created a blog post to give a little more detail about each building, you can see that here



"Jules and I sat down for a Christmas card signing session yesterday... Just to say many thanks again for your design work, you totally delivered on our brief and we're really pleased with them. " - Lyn Jones, Planning Ventures



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